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We work with forward-thinking clients, to create effective websites that drive traffic and boost sales.

We are a Brighton based, WordPress web design and digital marketing company, that will help you to project an attractive and professional appearance across digital platforms.

We are your web design solutions partner

Do you need web design? Do you want a web design that converts leads into customers? If so, then we are the web design agency for one of the best web designers in Sussex, to help with all aspects of web design from web development and search engine optimisation through to eCommerce, social media integration and more. We deliver affordable web designs that compel visitors to buy or contact us for more information.

Web designer Brighton

Our web design team will get results for your business with our SEO and marketing campaigns – because ultimately, a well-made website needs visibility, which means understanding what drives traffic to a site; search engines and user behaviour.

A web design company in Brighton that cares about web design.

Our web designers are passionate about web design and deliver web designs to fit your business needs. It’s not just a job for us, it’s what we love doing most; designing websites full of information and engaging features to boost your online presence and improve visibility.

We care about our clients And will create high-performing web designs because that will lead to greater conversions from leads into customers – which is vital for any successful web design. We live by the mantra “satisfied client equals happy web designer”.

We have over 10 years of experience delivering quality web design at affordable prices with each website designed by one of our highly skilled and qualified web designers in Brighton.

We pride ourselves on delivering web design that focuses on your target audience and key web design elements to boost visibility such as web pages, web templates, web graphics, logos/icons/branding and web email marketing solutions for local Brighton businesses. We currently have projects with web design and SEO for Vape Businesses as they can’t advertise online,  being found through Google organic search is very important. 

Our web design services are skilled in developing all different types of custom web designs including but not limited to WordPress designs, e-commerce website designs, corporate websites, personal portfolio website designs and more. We provide bespoke web design tailored to each one of our client’s individual needs so that they get the most from their new online business presence or we can just take care of everything for you if you prefer – our service is completely flexible dependent on what suits you best.

We can produce high-quality digital assets, incorporating photography and videography, that will help drive sales for your business, bringing it firmly into the 21st century.

what use is a great looking website if you don’t have any visitors? Cinnamon Creative can help with our search engine optimisation services, if you are looking for local search our London SEO experts can help if you are in the capital or our team at our Brighton Office can build your google rankings if you are in Brighton, Sussex or anywhere else for that matter.

Whether you’re selling products or providing a service, we can help you do more of it. Explore our portfolio and list of services, to get a better idea of what we can do for you.



Ongoing minor changes and amendments are included in all monthly plans with a full redesign available after 24 months



Minimum 24 month term

Standard Theme

Mobile Responsive
Social Media Integration
Contact Form
Resize and Optimise Images
5 page website (homepage, about, services, blog, contact)
additional pages £2.50 per month



Minimum 24 month term

Standard Theme

Mobile Responsive
Social Media Integration
Contact Form
Resize and Optimise Images
Basic SEO optimisation
5 page website (homepage, about, services, blog, contact)
additional pages £2.50 per month



Minimum 24 month term

Standard Theme

Mobile Responsive
Social Media Integration
Contact Form
Resize and Optimise Images
SEO Implementation
Research of Competitors SEO
Competitors Stats Package
5 page website (homepage, about, services, blog, contact)
additional pages £2.50 per month



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Our business is built on relationships and we work with our clients to produce amazing website designs that provide a great user experience. but a true partnership with measurable results. This is why many of our clients have referred many of our new clients to us.


At Cinnamon Creative Web design we focus on providing our clients the best web design solutions in Brighton. Providing innovative website development and digital marketing solutions that deliver real and measurable results.


Our professional in-house web designers help our clients achieve the online presence they are looking for and our SEO experts make sure your website gets found online. 


We have worked with new startups, small businesses, and larger companies, providing great website design. If you are interested in having a professional WordPress website we would be more than happy to schedule a call and see how we can help you.


What is Good Web Design? 


Good web design encompasses a variety of disciplines and skills in the creation and maintenance of web sites. The various fields of web design are web development; web graphic design; creative web layout; user interface (UI) design; content management; and search engine marketing. A well-designed web site can draw attention and generate sales for both the company and the product being advertised. A well-designed web site is also the key to successful online marketing, which helps to drive more targeted traffic to the web site. Having a well-designed web site can also mean more customers, which translates into more revenues. 


In today’s multimedia driven society, people expect websites to contain video, audio, text, and other components. However, without a focus on the different components of the web design and the logical organization of those components on a page, a web designer will not be able to ensure that the page is easily navigable. For example, a video on a landing page can have music interspersed with the information, but if the user doesn’t find the music distracting, they may click off of the page to move to another site where the music is more appropriate. These problems can all be avoided by paying attention to your web design and ensuring that it includes all of the key elements that visitors want to see.


Best wordpress web design


With so many different types of websites out there, it can be difficult to know what is good web design and what is bad. While some people may be unfamiliar with what constitutes “good” design and what constitutes “bad”, the truth of the matter is that web designers need to design websites in a certain way. If a designer doesn’t adhere to some basic guidelines, a person may wind up with a website that looks very good, but is completely invisible on any of the popular search engines. This is why knowing what is good web design is absolutely crucial.


 Web design Layout

The first thing that needs to be considered when looking at what is good web design is the layout of the website. There should be no flash on the site, and any images that are present should be small, clean, and simple. The font should also be clear, without any mistakes, and any links that are present should be clickable. If a person has any questions as to how a web design company may be able to help, it may be a good idea to contact them and ask what their process is before making any type of purchases. 


 Website Readability

Another important factor in web design is the readability of the website. People need to be able to understand what is on the website, and if they can’t, then the website will be less than useful. For example, if there are flashing words on a website, it may not be as useful as a website that has the words in a lower case font. The bottom line is that a website needs to be readable in order to be successful. That doesn’t mean that a person has to have perfect handwriting; just make sure that the font and other elements are readable. Another aspect of web design that needs to be considered is the use of white space, as this not only makes the website appear more attractive, but it also helps visitors understand what the website is talking about.

Is WordPress best for small businesses?

Yes absolutely WordPress is perfect for small businesses.

Starting a new business can be really tough. With any new or exisiting small business, it is quite daunting to take care of your new business website as well as all the other tasks and jobs you may have day to day as an entrepreneur or small buisness owner or manager. You probably dont have the expertise yourself or the cash to spend tens of thousands of pounds building and maintaining a bespoke website solution. By having a CMS like WordPress it becomes far more cost effecient to make changes to your website and updat the theme to refesh the look of your website and keep it fresh.

Can you help with WordPress development in Brighton?

As a Brighton and Hove based WordPress development agency we love to work with other Brighton based businesses to help them with their online precence, SEO and digital marketing. We  have worked with Brighton dentists, planning consultants, photographers, sports therapists and many other Brighton businesses in need of a great WordPress website. 

How much does a WordPress site cost?

It depends on a number of factors, but our monthly WordPress websites cost from £45 p/m to £200 per month or more depending on how complex your website needs to be and how much ongoing wordpress website maintenance, development and SEO you may require.

As a one off build cost a wordpress website in Brighton cost from £995 to £5,000 for an average small business wordpress design.


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