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What Is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) has been getting a lot of attention in the past few years. That’s because there are an endless number of ways to explain what SEO is, but at Cinnamon Creative we like to keep it simple – that way you can focus on your content instead! You see most websites these days get discovered through search engine sites like Google; however, with good ol’ fashioned hard work and some clever coding by our team members here at Cinnamon Creative-it could be possible for them to rank higher than other similar ones out there… When you are trying to get your website found through Google searches for certain keywords – which happen over 100 million times every day according to Moz-SEO sends signals so search engines know where on their site readers should go next based on what they’re searching about.

How We Do It

Just like there are endless ways to explain what SEO is, there are also endless ways of doing it. However the three MOST important categories that you need to be aware of for search rankings are, trust, quality and authority  and these are exactly those areas we focus on at our company! 

If you landed on this SEO page, you most likely did a Google search for EASTBOURNE SEO. You found Cinnamon Creative because we practice what we preach and understand the most important ranking factors on Google.  With our custom approach to SEO, Google ranks us first and we offer the same service for your business.  Contact us today for a free Eastbourne SEO audit and consultation.


In today’s hyperconnected world and highly competitive business environment, it’s crucial for a business to be able to reach its target audience online with its core message, products, and services or latest promotions.

This is where Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) comes in. If done right, and in combination with other online marketing and technical strategies, SEO can help your business get great rankings and land on the front page of Google’s search. The first page of Google receives 95% of all website traffic, while only 5% of users make it to the second page.  You really need your business or organization to rank as high as possible on search engines to reach your full potential online.

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Our Eastbourne office has SEO experts who can discuss a bespoke SEO plan with you and find a way to get you ranking at the top of the search engines in the quickest possible time. Search analysis and our unique techniques will show us the best way to achieve results for you in local search.

While the city of Eastbourne is best known for its tourism and hospitality services, it also has a thriving tech scene and now excels in other industries too. These include property management, information technology, health, and social care. We work with businesses to help them with their SEO across all areas of Eastbourne including Langney, St Anthony’s Hill, Roselands, Meads, and Willingdon as well as our Eastbourne office being at Eastbourne Marina, Sovereign Harbour North.

Establishing a business in a competitive marketplace is a big challenge, especially for startups and new companies. In fact, even the most established enterprises are now making huge adjustments when promoting their products and services. In today’s digital era, it’s nearly impossible to achieve your goals without a strong online presence. This is where Cinnamon Creative can help you.

Over the years, we have helped our clients improve their lead generation strategies and increase their profit margin by implementing growth-focused SEO solutions. In just a decade, Thrive has grown to become one of the most influential internet marketing services in East Sussex.

As a top SEO company, we provide the best way to increase your visibility and improve your ranking in search results. Our search result experts have years of experience competing in the toughest industries with success.

Through our solutions – ranging from SEO, PPC, social media marketing to web design and development and eCommerce optimisation – we make sure your business stands out in the crowd when looking for Local SEO in Eastbourne.


What is an SEO expert?

SEO experts, Cinnamon Creative are UK based English speaking as their first language so we know how to research and write great content that makes sense and converts people landing on your website to enquires and leads.

How much does Local SEO cost?

We offer  simple monthly payment option with prices starting at just £250 per month when targeting local search terms.

How quickly will I see changes in the Google rankings for local search results?

We work with businesses in Sussex to provide results quickly. We get to work straight away on your on page SEO and link building to help build authority on your pages. We are the #1 SEO agency in Eastbourne serving the surrounding areas including Hailsham, Pevensey Bay and Upper and Lower Dicker as well as having offices in Brighton, London and Hastings.

Why is it so hard to rank well for a local business in the SERP’s?

East Sussex has many businesses all competing to have that elusive number one raking in Google, we use our expertise to help your East Sussex based business dominate the local search results for Eastbourne and the surrounding areas. 

Can you rank me on page one?

We have many clients who are on page one of Google and most with top 3 positions for their search terms and keywords. We use our 200 point plan to optimise your website to outrank the competition. If you are serious about being found for local search in your area we can implement our 200 point local SEO strategy to help your website dominate the google local results in Eastbourne. 

Looking for help with local SEO to grow your business? why should you choose our SEO team? We will achieve success for our clients and have them ranking for difficult to earn search terms and keywords just like our own website ranks for local SEO Eastbourne.  

Website designers in Eastbourne.
As well as SEO we can offer our web design services and can create beautiful, responsive WordPress websites that look great on mobile and desktop and implement our SEO strategies from the very beginning of the design and build process of your website.

Do you ever click through to the second page of Google’s search engine results?

No? No one does!

In fact, less than 3% of searchers make it to the second page. 

Understandably then, most business owners in Sussex looking to be found for local search come to Cinnamon Creative Eastbourne looking for help to get to the top of Google search results. We have helped 100’s of companies get on to the first page of Google for competitive keywords in their business sector.


Cinnamon Creative takes a wide-ranging approach to achieve SEO excellence for your local SEO results. Starting with your on-page website content, we build a fast loading website built for the conversion of your products or services. We then optimize your existing webpages and content and add new content to your website targeting the exact phrases and search terms that your customers are searching for.

Social Media Marketing is the buzz word right now

What do you think is better? Paying for advertising that pops up on someone’s facebook or Instagram feed, or ranking Number One on a search in Google?

Leads from Social Media Marketing (SMM) are often low quality leads because the person who clicked on the ad isn’t necessarily looking to buy at that moment.

People who are actively searching for a product or service on Google for a dentist (as example), most often need a dentist immediately. So your leads from Google are of a much higher quality as they convert into sales more often. This is because of INTENT. Intent is missing from SMM.

The biggest problem for business owners is not how to market/advertise their business, but how to get more customers that have the INTENT of buying their product or service. 

Most businesses still shy away from marketing and many don’t even have a marketing budget. So, as a digital marketing agency in Eastbourne we can help you grow your business with a small initial marketing budget.

According to Forbes, even big companies are less worried about marketing and more stressed about finding customers. In a survey of 750 CEO’s, “They found that 58% indicated that lead generation is a key challenge business leaders face. Over 40% describe their business’ current sales and marketing efforts as outdated…”

What you need to know about SEO in East Sussex

You know you need a digital marketing strategy and a SEO plan for your website, but what is the best option for you to help drive traffic and sales through organic search? There are so many possibilities that may be overwhelming If you’re searching for a search engine optimisation service. Here at Cinnamon Creative Digital Marketing agency in Eastbourne, we can help you choose the best LOCAL SEO option for you and your website.

We thoroughly audit your website and we do not take any shortcuts to help analyze your current site and figure out eh best implementation of our SEO services.


What is Search Engine Optimisation?

Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO, is amongst the tools which organizations have regarding gaining visibility on the web as it permits them to bring through search engine results that are complimentary. Sites are ranked by the search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo based on parameters, so they do to the internet site owners and that they deem essential. In increasing your rank in search engine outcomes and optimising your pages, you can see a rise in organic traffic and are going to have more visibility.

What You Need to Know About SEO

If your website is ranked lower in Google’s search results, there’s excellent news! You’ll have the ability to improve your standing by implementing a search engine optimisation approach. The absolute most crucial thing in search engine optimisation is knowing search engines’ factors. For example, keywords & articles, traffic & engagement, or else domain-level brand metrics — to ensure that search engines like google see as accessible and relevant that your site. Listed here are the basic principles you want to learn to comprehend just how SEO works.

Keywords for Digital Marketing

Our team compile a list of keywords that people are actually using in search terms for your product or service industry, and then that will help permit us to present projections and predictions of opportunity and direct search engine optimisation plan. The keyword research review is one of the essential features of any successful SEO operation. Local SEO and near searches in your area are growing as people understand how to use Google to find a local business in the area for their services that they are actively looking for right now.


Keyword research is vital to your SEO campaigns. This helps our team identify the best strategy and workflow for your campaigns. Cinnamon Creative has a highly-skilled team of SEO professionals who have a wealth of experience implementing growth-driven SEO campaigns. Our goal is to make your website an efficient lead-generating channel for your business.



In recent search algorithm updates, Google along with other major search engines requires quality links and accurate citations. At Cinnamon Creative, our business ensures your campaigns are spot on by implementing white hat SEO practices. They also work hand-in-hand with our content team to develop a focused strategy for your campaigns.



High-quality content is still a key player in every digital marketing campaign. Our content team has a core of professional writers and  who work collaboratively and produce fantastic content that provides a great user experience.




Our services include website optimisation to generate more site traffic and increase conversions. We use solutions that follow white hat SEO principles for efficient results without getting penalized by Google and other major search engines. Our SEO method is the right mixture of site audits, keyword research, link building, content planning, and performance analysis.

Keyword Research

When looking to help you with your ranking we carry out Keyword Research. Search Engines provide the positions in the search results online by first making sure it matches the intent of the searcher. As a top SEO company, we provide business owners with the results they need. Our team will improve all of your important keywords and with our digital marketing services like for like SEO campaign we improve many of your underperforming pages and make new content for your site and get your mobile-first website on the first page of the search engines to propel your results and your business to the very top.

SEO Campaign

Our customers like to work with the right SEO Agency. For a number of years, we have helped people just like you with important marketing decisions. With our mobile-friendly search algorithm, we position ourselves and our team to want to improve your keyword allocation. Many of the good results you find on search engines come through the search algorithm today wanting to improve and give the best possible result and ranking for your search on Google. Today our Digital agency wants to pursue a keyword-driven view to your answers on every page.

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Our Services

Our service can find good results for your business and get a site like yours to the top ranking of Google. If you have a new website or even an existing website, one of our Google certified business specialists on our team will want to get you to know how our services will find you ranking in the best position possible today and tomorrow, and always. Like our business ranks at the top of Google for years in the top position for many different search terms related to our SEO Services. I am sure for years to come a new company will always want their customers to find their company.

Free SEO report

Free SEO! get your free SEO report with our agency content showing your ranking now and potential rankings in the future with an increase in position. Customers use our services to help with their Google website placements.

Many of our source businesses are customers who need to source new business and one of the best ways of being found on Google is to make your site and service Google friendly. by choosing to have come to us for a free Google website report your business is on the way to finding new customers and providing other customers the service and site they are looking for while searching Google for the relevant website. Google can help your business site and service grow now and in the future.

How Link building can help you with local SEO in Eastbourne, Hailsham & Polegate.

Building quality links should be part of any successful digital marketing campaign and can add a significant boost to your rankings within the organic search results, which is important for sites that want to target specific keywords or areas.


Link building is about convincing other website owners to link back to your site, passing over some of the PageRank you’ve built up around your own site and adding value in the eyes of Google’s search algorithm. An effective linking strategy should lead to increased visibility for clients’ websites in organic search results, which can lead to conversions and increased revenue.


The main point to remember when trying to build links is that it’s important to create useful, relevant content that others will want to link back to. Without the right strategy and execution, you won’t be getting the most out of your SEO campaign.

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