Are you a business in Mayfair, London and looking for your website to be ranked at the top of Google search results for local searches in Mayfair and surround areas?

Cinnamon Creative are a digital marketing agency based in London that can help you target local search and give you a great ROI. Unlike PPC ads our organic SEO search results with have you on page one for your search terms every day without having to pay for adverts to stay visible. We work with Companies in Mayfair just like yours and help to achieve first page, top 3 results. 



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   SEO isn’t about making sure Google likes you. It is a set of tactics, some technical and some not, used to increase the number of visitors to your website by obtaining a high-ranking placement in search engine results pages (SERPs). Ultimately, it all boils down to this: getting more traffic from organic listings on SERPs.

Organic listings are advertisements… but for free!

The biggest player in town is called Google, with 92% market share. Bing comes second with 3%, then Yahoo! with 2%, and AOL circles the drain at less than 1%. That means that something like 94% of English language searches is made through Google alone. And keep in mind that most internet users use multiple search engines; they merely switch to a different default search engine, which is still Google.

This doesn’t leave much room for the other guys, but they’re fighting back with some interesting new tricks of their own! Bing has been trying all sorts of things recently on their ad platform AdCenter, including “click-to-message” ads on Skype and “follow us on Twitter” ads. They’ve also had some success by integrating adverts into their built-in maps feature. Yahoo! has been going after Flickr users with a recent campaign offering prizes if you install new extensions that integrate Flickr into your browser experience. The most popular of these currently have more than one million installs each.

In terms of results, having your Mayfair business found at the number one position in Google is definitely the Holy Grail. It’s also a lot easier to achieve than you may think!

If your London business is Mayfair-based, then having a good-quality Mayfair London page on your website is a great first step.

 SEO for any given keyword normally starts with a list of long-tail keywords that your customers might use when searching for you.

The next step would be to optimise those pages – from the web address right down to the actual text on the page – so they rank as highly as possible in Google, Yahoo! and Bing SERPs (That simply means search engine results pages).


The final step is to build links to those pages, which can come from a number of sources – social media, blogs, and forum posts all help. The more high quality the link is (and since this is white hat SEO you’re paying attention now!) then Google will take notice and adjust your rankings accordingly.

If you need any further information on SEO for Mayfair London then please feel free to contact us at Cinnamon Creative London.

All about SEO in Mayfair London

Who are the best SEO experts in Mayfair London based SEO experts, Cinnamon Creative are one of the leading  Search Engine Optimisation and digital marketing agencies when it comes to organic search results.  we can help your business grow through the power of organic growth and Google search.


How much does SEO cost?

We offer  simple monthly payment options for our Mayfair  SEO services with prices starting at just £450 per month.

How quickly will I see changes in rankings?

 We work on your SEO strategy as soon as you sign up for our services and our clients see some movement in there search ranking positions in just a few weeks and in some cases just a few days! We have many clients in the top 3 positions for difficult to rank for search terms in just 3 or 4 months. 

Why is it so hard to rank well for a local business in Google search results?

London has a large population with thousands of businesses all competing to achieve the number one ranking in Google, we use our expertise to help your Mayfair based business dominate the local search results for London.

Can you rank me on page one of Google?

We have helped many of our clients reach on page one of Google and most with top 3 positions for their chosen search terms. There are hundreds of differences that may mean the reason between page one and page two ranking in Google and here at Cinnamon Creative our established tema of Search Engine Optimisation experts leave no stone unturned to get you ranking above your competition for local search in Mayfair. 


Looking for the best Search Engine Optimisation agency to help grow your business? in 2021 its more imperative than ever to rank in the top 3 results of Google. With so many people choosing to buy products and services online due to the covid 19 pandemic of 2020. Our shopping habits have moved away from the high street, and you need to embrace the digital age and be at the top of Google’s search results, and invest in your digital marketing strategy for your business.


Web Design Mayfair

As web designers in London we can create beautiful, responsive wordpress websites that look great on Mobile an desktop and implement our SEO strategies from the very begining of the design and build process of your website.


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If you have offices in the capital then our London SEO Agency can help with local SEO, ranking your business #1 on Google in London search results.