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Our 200 point strategy means we put into place all of the key components that will come together to help you be found in the search engines ahead of the competition.



Work with an in-house London based SEO agency here in London that provides true results with superior communication. Rated Best SEO Company in London. Our award winning London SEO Services and SEO Campaigns are results driven and proven long term stratagies that help you achieve the organic search engine positions you need to grow your business.

We provide you with a bespoke reporting, using a proactive response, and a data-driven approach to raise your results in Google and get you into the number one spot for your chosen search terms. Our team is made of passionate experts who can help with your digital marketing.


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Did you know that London is the first stop for many international businesses?

Well, if you’re reading this article then it’s likely that your company currently has a presence in the capital In fact, whatever industry you are in, if you operate internationally odds are you’ve been to or will be going to London.

As doing business becomes easier because of the internet it’s important for any business with plans to go abroad to optimise its online presence.

That’s why it’s a great idea to hire an SEO agency in London to help you get found online. Your customers are looking for you somewhere on the internet and why shouldn’t they find you first?

The UK capital is a hub of international activity with over 300 languages spoken there, so there really is something for everyone. There are tons of people from all over the world living in London from every culture and background, so if your business caters for those customers then it’s worth hiring an agency that knows how to reach them.

What could be more important than communicating with your target audience? Ensuring your business can be found by as many people as possible who will want what you’re selling; that’s vital!

As we said, London is a diverse and vibrant city, so there really are opportunities for any business that wants to expand into the UK capital. Now we know it’s not an easy task to search for London SEO agency on Google (there are literally thousands) but don’t make life even more difficult by missing out! If you’re thinking of bringing your business to London or already have, get in touch with us here at Cinnamon Creative because we’ll be able to help you.

How to be found for local search in London?


The biggest and most popular search engine in the UK is undeniably Google. It’s estimated that 95% of all searches made in Britain use this website, so it’s important to take advantage of its power for your business when you’re looking to expand abroad.

London has a population of over 8 million people, which obviously means if you’re located anywhere in the city proper (and not just the outskirts) you’ll have access to millions of potential customers! By hiring an SEO agency in London this doesn’t mean you should be expected to outsource your entire marketing campaign though! Just because there are lots of opportunities online doesn’t mean that internet marketing is more effective than good old word-of-mouth advertising or T.V advertising.

 What we aim to do is get you ahead of the game by making sure that your business gets found online. That’s why it’s important for us to create a bespoke search engine marketing campaign based on your company, what you’re selling and where you’re located in order for Google (and other major search engines) to pick up on you.

We’ll take care of everything – from building your website to running pay-per-click campaigns! Our team consists of some of the best internet marketers in London so if you want to be found online then get in touch with our team at Cinnamon Creative.

Why should I hire an SEO Company in London?


If you wanted something done and wanted it done well, you’d hire a professional to do it, right? So why wouldn’t you hire an SEO Company in London for your global expansion?

A website is the most elementary part of internet marketing and as such, if it isn’t well made and doesn’t have the necessary keywords and phrases on it so that search engines can find you then we haven’t done our job. If we haven’t got you found online then we haven’t done the most important thing – helping your business grow!

Therefore, hiring a professional SEO Company in London means that all bases will be covered and everything will be taken care of. We’ll try and secure links with relevant websites (that is, those with authority) too which is something that Google looks out for when ranking your website.

Linkbuilding for London based companies


As we’ve already discussed, Google is the most popular search engine in both Britain and America. Therefore, when you’re looking to bring your business abroad you have got to make sure that you are using it properly! So how do you do that? As was explained above, it’s all about building links with other websites so that they can direct searchers onto yours when they’ve got what the customer is looking for. That way, if people are searching for products or services near them then chances are that they’ll find your company too!

Hiring an agency to build these kinds of links means that the best ones will be created by someone who knows what they’re doing. We at Cinnamon Creative have an in-depth knowledge of the SEO industry and of all things Google, so we’ll be able to recommend what kind of links you should be trying to obtain and then put a plan into action.


How do I know if my SEO campaign is being successful?

 When your website appears on page 1 for very competitive terms, that’s a pretty good place to start! It means that clients will have a much easier time finding you because they can simply type your business name or your product or service directly into Google. You don’t even need to hire an agency for this as anybody could achieve it with enough hard work, dedication and time.

However, when you’re managing dozens of search campaigns every day it gets very difficult indeed so there is no shame in hiring an agency to do it for you. We’ll report back to you regularly with performance indicators and updates so that you know exactly what we’re doing and how we’re getting on.

What other services does an SEO agency in London offer?

By hiring an SEO agency in London there is a good chance that they’ll be able to offer all kinds of advertising-related services such as pay-per-click campaigns, social media management and PPC management among many others. It really depends upon what your campaign requires but the point is that if you hire one company (or person) to deal with everything then things will become much easier indeed!

Building website authority 

Websites need authority if they are to rank well in Google. Without that, it becomes much more difficult for them to be found because there are thousands of other sites out there competing for the same search terms. Perhaps you have seen some websites which have appeared on page 1 for particular keywords but have stayed there forever? That’s because they have so much authority that nobody is displacing them no matter how good their website is or how well optimised it is!

Hiring an agency means that this process can be accelerated because we know what works. We’ll find relevant websites within your industry and try to secure links from those instead which will send all kinds of signals back into Google about your website. It’ll then understand that your site has what it takes to rank well and you’ll therefore be where you need to be. 

As Google is the number one search engine in both Britain and America, it’s vital that your business has a strong presence on there if you are looking to expand abroad. However, doing so can be time consuming due to the yearly algorithm updates meaning that it becomes very difficult indeed for regular people without any knowledge of SEO or how Google works to make any real progress. That’s why hiring a digital marketing agency in London is always advisable as they will have everything covered!

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Top 8 Tips for SEO when trying to rank for London searches

  1. Optimise your Title Tag, Your title tage is the most important indicator to show search engines what your page is about and to help searchers intent.
  2. Your main keyword should be at the begining of your content. The location of your keyword makes a difference, Google adds more weight to the terms that apeer at the top of your page.
  3. Page Speed. How quickly your page loads is now one of Google’s ranking factors and as a user experience it pays to have a fast loading website.
  4. SEO for images. properly optimised images that are resized and have relevant and descripite alt tags help your SEO rankings.
  5. High quality content matters. by publishing high quality content, that is well written and helpful to the searcher, you will be rewarded with a higher position in the SERP’s.
  6. Building links to your website and pages. Search engines are still a popularity contest and you will not rank above your competition just with better quality content you need high quality links from relevent websites. 
  7. Improve the overall user experience. Helping the user to navigate your site and find good quality articles, images and video can keep them enaged with your site for longer and boost your overall UX. This is good for the user and is rewarded by Google with a boost in the rnakings if it sees that people are engaging with your site and staying longer. 
  8. Video and SEO. Google’s algorithms prioritise websites with video and as Youtube is owned by Google it makes it easy to see why a Youtube hosted video would boost your SEO.
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